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Think and Grow Rich

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a motivational book inspired by a suggestion by American billionaire Andrew Carnegie. It was published in 1937 at the end of the Great Depression. It was the biggest seller of Napoleon Hill’s books, selling a claimed 20 million copies.Read more!

Making your first $100 online Fast Profits

Making your first $100 online is easy. Actually that’s not quite true – actually earning your first $100 online IS pretty easy…and what I’m going to show you in this book makes it easier The best, simplest and easiest way to start is selling other people’s products as an affiliate. There’s very little risk, the setting up is quite straightforward with a little help (that’s what this book is for) and the results usually speak for themselves.Download Now!

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FREE Healthy Diabetes Friendly Recipes & More!

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P.S. His name is Terry Duff and I gotta say…his information is ROCK SOLID. This is a GREAT system if you’re looking for specific, step-by-step instructions to get things going in the right direction…without the typical hype and rah-rah stuff.


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Tips That Boost Your Subscriber Profits

5.5 Tips That Boost Your Subscriber Profits
By Brian Terry
Have you ever wondered how you can make the subscribers on your list
more responsive? Here’s what I mean… I’m sure you’ve done this
before, you send your subscribers one email after another full of
valuable, useful content, then you make a recommendation to a product
and virtually no one orders through your link. Sound familiar?
It took me many years of trial and error to create this list of 5 tips
that help you boost your subscriber profits.
Pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal because it can and will
increase your listbuilding profits.

Tip 1: Use double optin subscriptions
Getting people to confirm their subscription ensures you have people on
your list who definitely want to hear more from you. This is one of the
most important steps to take because it helps you to build a quality
subscriber list. Remember listbuilding is about quality not quantity.

Tip 2: Use personalization
It’s been proven time and time again that personalization significantly
increases the effectiveness of your communication with your
subscribers. By including your subscribers name in the emails you send
them gives the message a sense of it’s being sent just for them and
no-one else.

Tip 3: Train your subscribers
For every 2 emails you send out that are content orientated send out 1
email that’s an honest recommendation you make for a product you think
will help them. Train your list to expect to receive offers from you
that will be of use to them.

Tip 4: Regularly survey your subscribers
Find out what your lists wants, then give it to them. Simple. You could
ask them questions like what’s their biggest problem online as well as
ask other demographic style questions. This helps you to build a
profile of your subscriber and gives you great understanding as to how
you can help them better and what offers they’re more likely to respond

Tip 5: Give your list special offers
It doesn’t matter if you own a product or are an affiliate, make your
list an offer only they’ll be getting. It could be for the next 48
hours you’re offering 20% discount on your product. Or you offer an
extra bonus but only if they order something through your affiliate

Tip 5.5: Keep in regular contact with your subscribers
It’s when you email your list 2 times a month that they begin to forget
who you are. Stay in regular contact and people will begin to know,
like and trust you. Above all don’t forget this one golden rule of
listbuilding… the money is in your “relationship” with your list not
it’s size.
About the Author
Brian Terry is the Co-founder of ListHero where he provides you with
the fastest, easiest way to build your list for free.

Only Hunger Can Create Success

Only Hunger Can Create Success

By: Keith L. Graham

When asked what motivates me, “I often reply with just one word HUNGER!”

Throughout my life experiences I can reflect back on how I arrived where I am today. God has everything to do with it but, my Mother who recently passed had a lot to do with the development of my sister and me. Through her struggles, her courage, her commitment we were literally programmed to handle anything and keep moving. My Mother had a HUNGER to not allow herself or her children to ever know the taste of welfare, to ever feel poor or under-privileged. That HUNGER drove her to work hard until we were grown and could take care of ourselves. She retired after my 1st re-enlistment in the Air Force. Her success was to see her children surviving, living well, and not a statistic of the judicial system. Her HUNGER was witnessed by me early enough to know I did not want to ever “HAVE TO” work that hard and still struggle. Her life was my MOTIVATOR!! Thank You MOM for the hard love, the whippings, the sacrifices, and the comfort you gave both of us. Good or bad it gave me the ability to make some decisions about my life and where I wanted to be (really where I didn’t want to be).

Decisions you make right now will affect you 5 – 10 years down the road. As well as decisions you made 5 years ago are affecting you at this moment. In addition to my Mother being a MOTIVATOR, I had another, “HUNGER.” Those who know me well know I am always hungry. Eating is like my favorite pastime. I knew as a child that HUNGER was one of my main motivators. Let me illustrate it by a not so great childhood experience of how HUNGER motivated me. NOTE: (disclaimer) I do not recommend this tactic in anyway. Luckily, the person on the receiving in had more sense than I did at the time. But, I was hungry so it was my excuse; more to the point my reason why.

I had to be no more than 10 years old when this happened. My cousin Jesus had come home from prison just a few days before this happened. I came into the house to make me a sandwich and go back outside. As kids we never stayed in the house longer than 30 minutes during the day because Grandma would find something for you to do. I pulled out a jar of French’s mustard, some bread, and spiced ham. Jesus came into the dining room, pulled out a chair and sat by me. I was very hungry from not eating breakfast that morning. After making my sandwich I closed the bread, wrapped up the lunch meat, and proceeded to put the top on the mustard. When to my surprise my cousin snatched my sandwich and took a bite out of it (a tactic he obviously learned in prison). Puzzled and very upset by what he did, especially since I was so hungry and Grandma was already looking for something for me to do, I responded the way we were taught, “to fight our own battles. “ With the jar of mustard still in my hand I threw the remaining mustard in his face. He ran to the sink scream about his eyes burning and proceeded to wash the mustard out of his eyes and face. I nonchalantly took the butter knife and cut off the part where he bit my sandwich, picked it up and ate it as fast as I could. I was expecting to have to run to avoid getting my butt kick and looked for my escape route. As I moved toward the door my cousin Jesus said, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to bother with you. Anyone that has hunger motivation is not someone you want to play with.” He said I had more guts than anyone he ever met in prison. To this day whenever I am eating and he’s around he unconsciously moves to the other side of the room or table.

I shared this story because I realized at a young age how I am motivated by various stimuli. All these motivations occur around a hunger. Whether that hunger is physical, mental, spiritual, sexual, or financial they encompass one goal; SATISFYING YOUR HUNGER!!! There are a few things that go along with hunger. They are Desire, Sacrifice and Will. I will touch on these just a little. These ELEMENTS OF HUNGER will have you do things that others are not willing to do. They give you the motivation to go that extra mile whenever everyone else quits or takes a break. It gives you the focus to see pass your current situation and envision yourself at the full and satisfying completion of your HUNGER.
In order to be successful, it starts with a dream or a vision. That dream or vision stimulates and motivates your HUNGER to dig deep inside of you and fight your way to the top. It drives you to satisfy your cravings. This HUNGER, motivated mankind to hunt in order to eat and stay warm. That motivation led him to migrate from land he was familiar with to new frontiers in order to survive. The survival instinct was to satisfy his hunger. But he could not think about just himself. He had to provide for his family and others in the tribe. He had to put others that depended on him above himself. The HUNGER for the need of reliable faster travel compelled man to inventing the locomotive and automobile. Most importantly, the HUNGER to provide for his/her family led man to create industries and inventions that helped in the production of goods that satisfied basic needs. Man’s pursuit to satisfy HUNGER also provided another need, the need of recognition, The HUNGER to leave a mark on this earth when he/she are gone; the HUNGER to do something of significance with the dash between their birth date and death date. Inadvertently, this led to the creation of WEALTH. Out of the creation of wealth grew the HUNGER to pass that wealth on to his/her children’s children. We call this GENERATIONAL WEALTH!!! Without HUNGER man would have just stopped at an idea. But, because he had motivation or a compelling reason why, he was able to see it through to completion.

In previous paragraphs I hinted on the types of HUNGER, as well as, elements of HUNGER. In all HUNGER there is a physical need, mental need, spiritual need, sexual need, or financial need that you desire to satisfy. Your desire to look your best, be happy, to seek the love and grace of your creator, to have the love and support of your spouse or significant other, and to provide financial stability for you and your family, stems from this HUNGER. It can only be measured by how successful you are at satisfying your dreams, desires, and needs.
Now let’s put this all in perspective. Every good parent has a strong desire for their children to live a better, happier life and have better life opportunities than they did. They may have the desire to have their child go to college provide financial security for that child and future grandchildren. The desire to accomplish these goals allows them to make a few sacrifices. They will work harder, go without material things, and even go without eating if they knew it would benefit their child. This is an inherent HUNGER to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. The children may not recognize those sacrifices until later in life, ironically this is about the same time they develop the same HUNGER for their family. It is desires and sacrifices like these that create who we are. They gives us motivation that assist us in satisfying our HUNGER…
Now let’s talk about WILL!!! A Great Champion, Muhammad Ali once said, “Champions are made of something they have deep inside them. A desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last minute stamina. They have to be a little stronger, a little faster. They have to have the skill and the will. But the WILL must be stronger than the skill.” This simple quote from a great man alludes to HUNGER. Simply put, you might not have a PhD. You may not have a degree at all. But you have a resource greater than any piece of paper. You have the ability to dream. You have the ability plan. You have a desire to satisfy a HUNGER. You have a WILL!!! This will must be first formed in the mind. It has to be something you truly believe in. It must be accompanied with your reason why. Your reason why has to be so compelling that it makes you cry, make you fight for success, and makes you push yourself when you have nothing else left. It has to motivate you to go beyond your means and when you get there go some more. It could be you have a desire to put your child through college without the help of student loans. It could be to put a stable roof over your families head. It could be to provide the best health care for an elderly parent. Whatever the case, your HUNGER has to be satisfied. It may be painful during the process but, the reward makes it worth it in the end. Most body builders say, “There is no gain without pain.” I do not know about you but, HUNGER pains have always made me feel uncomfortable. With that uncomfortable feeling came the motivation to curb my HUNGER. Whenever I’ve had hunger pains my stomach tells my brain to immediately get food in me NOW!!! Those that know me know I get very agitated when I get hungry. I call it HANGRY!!! At that moment my thought processes become focused on getting something in me. I basically drop everything to satisfy my hunger. From the moment I take a bite, it’s like a rush of fresh air coming over me. I am a little happier, a little satisfied. But, I am not content. Why, because I have only just begun to satisfy my HUNGER. In order to feel I successfully satisfied my HUNGER, I must feel full. The same thing happens in life. The HUNGER you need to succeed must lead to fulfillment.
The key components of success are to have a Dream or Vision that leads to Desire, Will, and Sacrifice. You must also have a HUNGER to see them through. More importantly you have to have a call to action. We call that a PLAN. This plan must be written. An unwritten plan is a plan for failure. Not only do you have to write your plan, you must also read it no less than twice a day. This will motivate you to follow through with daily task in order to accomplish your goals. In addition, I always suggest having your reason why written or displayed directly under your plan. (Note: Your reason why cannot just be about money. It has to be a HUNGER the use of the money can satisfy. If it’s only about money eventually you will be burned out or unhappy with life itself). I also suggest placing all this on a VISION BOARD so everyone, especially your family, can see it. If you family understands your goals, it helps them support your vision and dreams.

You have to be willing to let some things go. Some of these things include negative friends and family members, anger, revenge, jealousy, a job you are not happy with. You may have to even let go of your wants versus your needs (i.e. not buying an expensive car, purse, pair of shoes, or the latest gadget). You have to sacrifice being comfortable for being uncomfortable. Take ownership of the uncomfortable feeling and turn it into an HUNGER to SUCCEED. Look at it this way, remember going to that old church with the wooden pews. They were hard and very uncomfortable so you moved around a lot. You could hardly wait for a reason to stand up because of that uncomfortable feeling. It motivated you to do something. However, when you got to the new church with the nice cushioned seats, you got comfortable, stood up a little less, and sometimes stayed in church a little longer. Some of you even doze off. Why because you were comfortable, you got stagnant. If you want to succeed you can’t be comfortable you must be uncomfortable. Your HUNGER has to drive you to be uncomfortable. Your HUNGER has to drive your Desire to be successful. Your HUNGER has to be the driving factor for you to sacrifice needs. Your HUNGER to SUCCEED has to will you to do what others won’t do!


Resource Center For Internet & Affiliate Marketing

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Network Marketers Success Cycle

Network Marketers Success Cycle

The Keys to Success first starts in the MIND!!!! If everyone understood this concept, I could stop right here without going any further. However, I will try to explain for those who need more clarification. In order to be successful, you must conceive the thought/s in your mind and develop ideas or goals around that thought. For instance, let’s take something as simple as a safety pin.
The modern safety pin was the invention of Walter Hunt. The safety pin was invented while Walter Hunt was twisting a piece of wire, trying to think of something that would help him pay off a fifteen dollar debt. He sat twisting wire for three full hours and realized what he had created. He later sold his patent rights to the safety pin for four hundred dollars to the man that he owed the money to. Hunt claimed that it was designed to keep fingers safe from injury.
As a result of thinking, the conscious mind allows you to develop nothing into something. It allows you to create, re-invent, improve, develop, or design anything capable under the sun. All you have to do is start with your mind.
As we move through the Success Cycle the next Key a Network Marketer must have is a Reason Why. Any scientist that conducts research has a reason why the research is important. They also project the goal they would like to reach from that research. Your Reason Why & Goals go hand in hand. As one of my business associates, Mr. Brian Patterson, once stated, “Your Reason Why Has to Be Strong Enough To Make You Cry.” Your reason why can’t be because I want to earn a lot of money. Those who chase money will always chase money. Your reason could be to create Generational Wealth; Wealth that can be passed from Generation to Generation. The Bible states, “A Good Man leaves an Inheritance to his children’s children. “ Your Reason Why could be you have elderly parents and want to take care of them, Or a sick child that you need to stay home with versus going to a JOB that you really don’t like anyway. Whatever your Reason is WRITE IT DOWN!!! Don’t write it just once; place it where you can read it at least 3 times a day.

As with your Reason Why, you must set some Goals. These goals can be short term, long term, or both… The goals should be precise. It should include some of the following, a time that you would like to reach that goal, a dollar amount, a position you would like to achieve, the purpose that you must reach that goal, what will you do when you reach that goal. Again you must WRITE IT DOWN!!! I will add a side note when you write your goals write them as if you have already achieved that goal. I.E. “Today is Jul 4th 2013, my Independence Day… I am so happy and grateful that I was promoted to V.P. of Marketing. My income is now $150k/yr a goal I established 2yrs ago. I just moved into my new home and I and totally Debt Free. My children’s college tuition has been paid in full. They will not have to get student loans and damage their credit. I work only 20 hours a week and spend the rest with my family. Right now we are in our vacation home in Costa Rica. Everyone is here; it’s like a family reunion. Life is good.”
Remember, whatever the mind can conceive you can achieve.
But, In order to make those thoughts, reasons, and goals happen you have to must develop a PLAN. The plan should center on your goals. As a matter of fact, you can use your goals as an outline for your PLAN… The Plan will help you stay on track. It can be as simple as developing a schedule and following that schedule. The Plan will also keep you focused so if you have to take a break (because life happens) you can pick right back up.
Now it is time for the most crucial step. Take Action!!! Erase the words, I can’t, it’s impossible, it’s too hard, I will get to it someday (speaking to myself right here)… Someday leads to a place called never or I wished I had. To bring this point home I will tell you about something that happened to me because of the word someday. You may be able to relate to this. Have you ever had an idea that you knew you had to do but, you procrastinated on it? Then one day that same idea you had someone else (that you do not know) put it into action and they are now making money from your idea. I did, and I am reminded of it every day.
A few years ago, I saw a need for a Car Wash & an Oil Changing business near my new home. I picked out the location, looked into purchasing the land. I even researched a few franchise companies to see which one I could put in that location. However, I got side tracked with other things and attempted to create other streams of income, thinking I had time. All of a sudden, I saw construction crews breaking ground. I found out that someone else was placing the exact business I thought about doing in that exact location. I see it every day I leave my home. As a matter of fact, I even use it to service & wash my vehicles. The point is my procrastination allowed my dream to be stolen.

Whatever business, company, goal, idea, or reason why you have, if no action is taken, no success will be achieved. Repeat this over and over. If It Is To Be, It’s Up To Me!! You can pray, but Faith without works is dead. You can complain but, it will not solve your issues. You can be negative but, negative thoughts bring negative action. Think and Dream in the positive. Place Self Development high on your list. Most importantly, Do not give up too soon. Your Breakthrough is on the way..

FlexSqueeze – Ultimate WordPress Theme

FlexSqueeze – Ultimate WordPress Theme

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Keith L. Graham

Create The New You For Your Home Based Business

Every successful person knows that customers are the key to creating wealth.  The question is, how do you get those customers?  I want to share with you some secrets to gathering new customers for your primary business, as well as, building a list to create AFFILIATE INCOME. My name is Keith Graham. I’ve been marketing on the internet for 3 years now. I’ve been amazed at the income possibilities of having a home based business that creates true wealth.

Now let’s talk about how you can CREATE The New You…

I highly recommend joining a few affiliate programs such as clickbank, amazon.com associates, etc.  These sites allow you to earn income promoting products and services of others.  These are great but, you are not building a list of future customers for yourself.  I call these one time hitters.  Why, simply because you are not capturing their contact information to promote other products or your PRIMARY Business.  You goal is to have a list building program or splash page to capture the contact information of the traffic viewing your page

I also recommend joining a VIRAL marketing system.  Watch this video


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On this next series I will show you how to post MONSTER ADS on CRAIGSLIST.org and BACKPAGE.com.

Keith Graham

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